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McGregor Volunteer Fire Department is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization that relies on funds from several sources in order to operate.  We operate several fundraisers per year, and also solicit donations .  We are thankful all funds received, which will be used towards further training, and better gear for our fire fighters.


Laws / Regulations

Information about Fire Related Ordinances

County Burn Ban Status

For up to date information click here on the status if you can burn in the county areas, outside the city limits

Burning Inside McGregor City Limits

Fireworks Inside City Limits

Sec. 24-136 PROHIBITED ACTS; EXCEPTIONS It shall be unlawful for any person within the city limits, in any way, to intentionally or knowingly burn or cause to be burned any combustibles, including but not limited to grass, weeds, timber, rubbish, leaves, or other natural or synthetic materials, garbage, trash, rubbish, litter, solid waste, hazardous waste or any such like substances, on any street, alley, lot or outdoor premises in the City of McGregor. Such prohibited fires shall include camp fires, bonfires and fires used for ceremonial purposes.


(1) Exceptions - Outdoor burning may be conducted for the following purposes:


(A) Outdoor cooking in a device designated and constructed for such a purpose in compliance with this article. No burning of waste or garbage shall be permitted in cooking devices,


(B) Firefighter training conducted under the supervision of the fire marshal or fire chief, and


(C) Burning of trees, brush or other plant growth taken down during an on-site clearing of a lot of greater than two acres. Such on site burning must be approved in advance by the fire marshal or building official and must be conducted in a manner approved by the fire marshal or building official. A standby firefighter must be present if required by the fire marshal or building official and the on-site land clearing must be conducted in compliance with state, federal and local laws and regulations. A permit issued by the fire marshal or building official must be acquired prior to any on site burning and approved safety measures shall be employed as required by the fire marshal or building official.


Sec. 24-137 NOXIOUS SMOKE It shall be unlawful for any person within the city limits to intentionally, knowingly or carelessly burn or cause to be burned any combustibles which cause


(1) noxious smoke or odor, or


(2) smoke of such a quantity or quality as to inhibit the use and enjoyment of neighboring properties. Such release of smoke is hereby declared a nuisance and is hereby prohibited.


Sec. 24-138 DUTY TO REPORT FIRE OR SMOKE In the event of a fire or discovery of a fire or discovery of impermissible smoke discharge caused by fire, burning or smoldering combustibles on any property, the owner, occupant or person in control of the property or person in control of the fire from which the fire or smoke is emanating shall immediately report such condition to the local fire department.

Sec. 24-156. - General prohibition.

Except as otherwise specifically provided in this article, it shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, assemble, store, transport, receive, keep, sell, offer or have in his possession with intent to sell, use, discharge, cause to be discharged, ignite, detonate, fire or otherwise set in action any fireworks of any description within the corporate limits of the city.


When in doubt ask.....

What is the McGregor Volunteer Fire Department?

The McGregor Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1920 to service the City of McGregor and surrounding areas for emergency services. Today, we continue to serve the City of McGregor and surrounding county area. In total, we serve 110 square miles of McLennan County. We are dispatched through the McGregor Police Department to any fire or rescue incidents that occur.

What does it take to be a McGregor Volunteer Fire Fighter?

Volunteer fire fighters are required to be 18 years of age, morally good background, and possess a valid Texas drivers license. All training is provided by the fire department, at no cost to fire fighters. A fire fighter will never be put in a situation that they are not trained to handle.

How do I join the McGregor Volunteer Fire Department?

There are several ways. The first way is by printing out the application, and returning it to the fire department during our normal meetings, which is every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., You can also contact any fire fighter, who will be able to get you an application. If you would like to stop by during our training meetings, we would also be able to supply you with one there.

Our Community Partnerships

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